Should I post a photo of myself in bikini?

So, Kim K just reached 100.MILLION followers on Instagram! Thats 20 times the entire Norwegian population, 5 times the Australian population or 200 times the population of Luxembourg. Kind of insane to think that 100.000.000 people has pressed “follow” when they have seen a photo of Kim´s booty, her handsome husband, or her cute kids.

It seems like we put so much time and effort into our online persona these days, and I experience that people care more about how they portrait themselves online, rather than how they actually are perceived in real life. We save photos from when we travel, to post when our life is uneventful, we spend hours taking selfies that end up looking like someone else, and what for? To gain followers, and to put a certain image of ourselves in our followers minds.

Without a doubt, your online persona is important today. You can market yourself, showing your interests, your skills and your lifestyle relatively easily online, but most of us don´t really use it like this. Take me, what do I do online? I post pictures of me and my friends drinking wine, a little beach snap every now and then to make my friends back home jealous, and maybe a boomerang of my drinks when I´m out. I don´t (like many girls do) post pictures of myself in my underwear or bikini. Mostly, because I think thats a sight people would rather be without, but also because I just cannot be bothered to take 500 photos of myself on the beach, and standing around in my underwear taking pictures at home? I get embarrassed just by the thought of it.


Then again, I have 900 followers. Not even enough to get me a free tube of toothpaste of a company, while the girls who post these awkward undie-selfies that is so edited, you wouldn´t even recognize them if you sat next to them on the bus, they can make thousands of dollars promoting skinny teas, bikinis and coconut water. They make their online persona their job…so maybe I should post a photo of myself in a bikini? I recon my tummy rolls could sell a lot of chocolate. If you read this, person who works for Kinder, hit me up!


Why won´t the Norwegian TV network NRK let me watch my favorite show just because I live in Australia? Like honestly, why don´t they want as many people possible to watch the show?

SKAM is a Norwegian web series that quickly gained a lot of, and I mean A LOT of attention in Norway, and within a year the series had been texted, and even dubbed, by fans that wanted to make it available to people in other countries that don´t speak Norwegian. It wasn´t long before it became an international success, but then all of a sudden;


“NRK does not have the right to show this show outside of Norway.”


Yes, I have tried using these add-on things to change my position and whatnot, but even that doesn´t work. As annoying as it might be for me, it is actually understandable why NRK chose to not make it available for everyone to see.

When it is only available in Norway, it makes it cheaper for NRK to actually make. When you buy the rights to use certain songs etc, you have to pay more, the wider spread the audience is. NRK gains more control of their own content, and they keep the concept exclusive, which came in handy when they sold off the series to an american company that is going to ruin, or “remake” if you want to call it that, the series. What NRK looses when they limit who gets to view the series though, is free marketing and what it seems like the creators of the show wanted more than anything; to educate and enlighten social issues like how we view sexuality, religion, alcohol and drugs. This is the essence of this show, and to let this reach around the world could have really good social benefits.

In this case, it seems like the the financial benefits by keeping it a closed platform was larger than the social benefits of making it an open platform.

The genius transmedia

What do we pay attention to? Advertisement in the newspaper? A poster hung up outside our local cinema? Maybe a flyer stuck to the bus-stop window?

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t take notice of these things anymore. Ever since I got a smartphone, and started actively downloading and using apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, that’s where you have to advertise something if you want to catch my attention.


Transmedia storytelling is so successful, because if it is done right you cannot avoid it! One example is the launch of a Norwegian reality TV series when I was back home over Christmas. When I turned the TV on, I would within an hour see a video-clip of a few boys camping in the woods. The next time I would see them in a cabin, and then by a lake, followed with the text “what happened to these boys”. I would see “missing ads” on the milk carton and I would see advertisements for a whole webpage dedicated to these boys on Facebook and Instagram. Then, out of nowhere a reality show started on TV, where the contenders were supposed to figure out this fake case about the boys who went missing by the lake. They had done it so well, that in fact some of my friends were not even sure if it was fiction or real. Literally everyone started watching it, just because of how well they had used transmedia storytelling, and everyone had at least once over Christmas thought about these boys and what could possibly have happened to them.

That’s the thing about transmedia. You get left- and right winged at the same time, and you can’t ignore it. Then, when you read and see so much about a story, it is natural to get intrigued, and then follow up on the next part of the story. This is simply impossible to get just from a TVC or ad in the paper.1ovv8g.gif

Is it okay to steal entertainment?

Are we aware of what, how and who our free streaming of media content online effects?

Do you guys remember when we used LimeWire? (Or are you all too young, haha?)  Do you remember how bloody annoying it was to have spent 3 hours trying to download a few songs, and all that came out of the speakers was a voice telling you that it was illegal downloading, and then something similar to your national anthem would play? Yeah sure, it was the worst, but we should really stop to think about what we actually contribute to when we do this.

I’m kind of sick of listening to the same type of music on the hit lists, it’s all literally exactly the same and I have trouble separating different bands and artists because they all look, and sound just like the person before, and just like the person going after. However, this is exactly what I contribute to when I stream. I’m not willing to pay for a service, so I basically steal it from the artists. Sure, one could feel like it isn’t stealing because you don’t take a physical object that belongs to someone else, but the fact is that you take something illegally that doesn’t belong to you.  This makes it hard for people to actually make it in the industry, because you can’t make a living of just your music anymore. What happens then is the fact that there is less money in the industry, less money for headhunting, producing, and less money equals a smaller market. The producers have to put their money where they know they will get return – and that’s playing it safe with tropical house, mainstream pop and EDM.

It’s not just the music industry that is affected by our constant demand for free streaming. The movie industry, the news industry, even the porn industry is noticing how it’s hard to survive when no one wants to pay for what is being offered. One thing is that a fair bit of the streaming we do is actually illegal and can result in a hefty fine, but for both the people working in the industries, as well as to be able to actually watch a decent movie or listen to a good band in 20 years, we should start to contribute, and to pay for the entertainment.1ovudk

Texas chainsaw massacre and a GT please

After many, many years of being an active international baton twirler (yes, and no not the parade-thing), I have had my fair share of remixes downloaded on my computer, and burnt into my mind after the endless hours I have practiced my routines and made new choreographies to these songs. I have literally made choreographies to everything from remixed pop songs, remixed national anthems, to remixed random Indian and Pakistani music. Except for maybe the hip hop genre, I have been through it all, and I think one of the most random, but successful remix genres I have come across is the horror movie theme song gone dance anthem. It is such a weird mix, and I do have to admit that the associations I got from the music sometimes gave me chills down my spine, when I was practicing all alone in the huge gym at 11pm, in dark and cold Norway, not remembering if I locked the doors to the building when the other girls left.

I think it is just this association that makes this remix culture so popular. It’s like it’s extra fun to listen to a song, if you can somehow put a backstory to it, and it is something that maybe gives you fond memories from your childhood, like for an example Harry Potter, or if it’s something that makes you feel like the person behind you in the club is going to make a mask out of your face, and you don’t dare turn around. Well, at least then you’ll maybe save yourself from a bad one night stand!

I made a little Souncloud for you, with some examples of these remixes;

Is feminism propaganda?


I often hear people comment on how feminism is just really propaganda, and to be honest, I just can´t cope with these people. Feminism is about equality. Feminism is about having the same rights, the same opportunities, and the same worth, no matter what gender, age, ethnicity or religion you belong to. However, there is feminist propaganda. We have to be just as critical to the feminist propaganda, as we are to the guys that think ”mansplaining” is a good way to justify sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

Propaganda is trying to influence, and manipulate peoples thoughts as well as emotions to achieve them acting and perceiving things a certain way. This is often done by presenting issues in such a way that the case they´re “fighting” for is presented as flawless and the opposite side is presented as something bad. This is often done by generalizing, stereotyping and even often presenting issues without any critique so that it basically turns out untruthful.

So feminism, which is a general belief and political standpoint about equality is not propaganda. When the superstar Zara Larsson voices that ”she hates all men”, and when people say ”all men are rapists”, and ”all women are victims”, THIS is feminist propaganda – NOT feminism.

What is alternative media, and why do we need it?

The news-world, and the way we aquire of knowledge has drastically changed just over the past decades, as the internet has become an integrated part of our everyday life. The globalization has given us the chance to go from being the audience to being active participants when it comes to news. The alternative media is everything that comes from us, and not the established media.

So what happens when we are all able to contribute, to put our views, stories and knowledge out there as alternative media? Although it can in some ways be negative, as people can post propaganda,  I think that if we learn to reflect and stay critical to what we read, it is very positive. Individuals are not controlled in the same way as the established media is, which can contribute to a more nuanced picture of issues in our society. I think that we need this, so that we are always able to see the sides that the ”legitimate” media doesn’t tell us about.